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Faux Calligraphy

Oh, late night blog post. Only a few days in and we’re off to a great start! In all seriousness, sickness got the best of me, and I spent the majority of my day apologizing for being sick and continually blowing my nose. Anyways, I still had time to write down a quick how-to for faux calligraphy, or what I like to call “fake it till you make it” calligraphy (I still haven’t made it either, don’t worry!). Basically, if you can write in cursive, you can write in the calligraphy style. Be prepared to take some time to get the technique down, but once you do, it’ll flow smoother than a new pen on paper.

Step one: Write out your phrase in cursive. For the purpose of this post, my phrase was “hello.”.

Step two: Draw an additional line slightly off of your downstrokes. What’s a downstroke? Quite literally, a downstroke is the like you make when you move your pen down the paper as opposed to up the paper.

Step three (optional): If you like the look of the unfilled letters, by all means leave them uncolored, and just finish at step two. However, if you’re going for a more traditional look, you can finish off your phrase by coloring in between the downstroke you just added and the original downstroke.

And there you have it! So, go out, and get to writing!

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