Bullet Journal

A Simple Weekly Spread

I KNOW. I am a terrible person. I left my doting blog for an extended period of time with zero explanation. I’d like to say my motives were pure, but in total honesty, I just got super lazy. Anyways, I’m posting just a little bit on a spread I made a couple weeks ago (ok, more than a couple, I was still in school). I find that I prefer the simple, easy spreads like this one to the flashy and out there spreads, because I can better see my ideas and my thought process. Anyways, this weekly only required my Faber Castell pen in black, a Gelly Roll pen, and a ruler that I might have accidentally stolen from my school. Oops.

Anyways, I love the simplicity and ease behind this weekly. I’d encourage you to try this style out, especially if you’re a busy student who needs planner space more than anything else.

Well, that’s all for now, toodles!

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