Bullet Journal, Hand Lettering

Faux Calligraphy

Oh, late night blog post. Only a few days in and we're off to a great start! In all seriousness, sickness got the best of me, and I spent the majority of my day apologizing for being sick and continually blowing my nose. Anyways, I still had time to write down a quick how-to for… Continue reading Faux Calligraphy

Hand Lettering

How to Write with French Ruled Paper

Oh, French ruled paper. How I love you. Once again, France pulls through in making everyone else look bad, and this time, it's notebook paper. Not only do I love writing with these rulings because it helps uniform my handwriting, but it challenges me to branch out with my cursive.¬†At first glance, this notebook is… Continue reading How to Write with French Ruled Paper

Bullet Journal

May Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

Recently, I've been switching up my monthly spreads in my bullet journal. While I used to have one page, and one line per day, I now make it look more like a calendar, with room for birthdays, appointments, and holidays. I love the look of this layout, and loved getting to use my Paper Mate… Continue reading May Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

Hand Lettering

Lazy Sunday Lettering Practice

I am OBSESSED with brush lettering. Like, obsessed to the point where my first child will be named "Brush Lettered". No joke. Anyways, for my birthday (it was in March) this year, I received my first set Tombow Dual Brush Pens from my parents. Ever since then, I've been practicing and practicing my lettering. Obviously,… Continue reading Lazy Sunday Lettering Practice